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Why “Wordsmith”?

We have called ourselves “Wordsmith”
for more than 30 years
because we like to bang words together
to see what color sparks they make.

Wordsmith Publishing uses the written word to help companies promote their products and services.

One of our primary activities in recent years has been the planning, writing, and production of newsletters and corporate-sponsored magazines. Over the years, we have served a variety of markets, including road construction, general aviation, agricultural products, mining and aggregate production, law enforcement, crime-scene investigation, and forensic laboratories. We have a knack for taking technical information and making it accessible and easy to understand for anyone, from the layman to the seasoned expert.

We also publish Evidence Technology Magazine, a well-regarded bi-monthly B2B magazine that reaches more than 22,000 professionals involved with crime-scene investigation and forensic science.

In addition to publishing, our background includes a long history developing copy and graphics for:

  1. BulletProduct literature

  2. BulletDirect mail

  3. BulletAV scripting

  4. BulletEditorial services

  5. BulletPress relations

  6. BulletLogo design

Your company needs to communicate its message with the rest of the world. We have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve that goal.

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