About The Wordsmith

It started with a girl who was in love with the way it felt when she pushed the key on her dad’s IBM Selectric typewriter. That thrilling clack. The sudden contrast of a single letter on an otherwise blank page.

Kristi Mayo | Photo by Rick Mayo | Mile 90 Photography

Over time, she learned the craft of writing from her dad, Gary Gulick, who worked under the title “The Wordsmith” and had operated a successful copywriting studio since the early 1970s. In high school and college, Kristi started writing case studies for publication in national law enforcement magazines, and helped Gary create copy for corporate-sponsored magazines and newsletters.

After graduating college in 2001, Kristi joined Gary (and their company, then called Wordsmith Publishing) full time. In 2003 the father-daughter duo launched an international trade magazine for the law enforcement field, Evidence Technology Magazine (2002-2022). They worked to grow that business while continuing to help clients with other design and writing projects.

Today, Kristi continues the tradition of The Wordsmith. Additionally, she and her husband, Rick Mayo, are the owners/operators of Mile 90 Photography, a company that focuses on capturing powerful images of trail- and ultra-running athletes. Kristi is engaged in her local community, assisting with the Kearney Curbside Recycling Committee, the Kearney Comprehensive Plan Committee, and the City of Kearney’s Parks and Recreation Board. She is a mom, runner, and avid birder.

But, overall, Kristi is a storyteller. Her willingness to listen, to ask the right questions, and keen attention to detail are traits that will help realize your company’s next successful design or content-marketing project.

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